The Advantages of Panoramic Photography in Real Estate Listings

These days, Real estate marketing is driven by on-line listings. Most people in the market for a new house shop on the Internet before enlisting the aide of an agent. Some spend hours looking at MLS listings and sites such as Zillow and Trulia to get ideas and discover what is available. Some listings include virtual tours and video which don’t allow you to spend time studying each room of the house. One of the “new kids on the block” that does allow a shopper to study each room is panoramic photography. There are some powerful benefits for using panoramic photography in real estate marketing.

Consider this:

If  you were buying a house and wanted to see a picture of a room that could show you more than just a small portion of it, wouldn’t you want to do that? If you could see 7 pictures that gave you a real look at the house rather than thirty that gave you the same limited view over and over, isn’t that what you would choose?

Panoramic photography allows you to do that.

What is a panorama?

panorama (formed from Greek πᾶν “all” + ὅραμα “sight”) is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in painting, drawing, photography, film, seismic images or a three dimensional model. My definition of panoramic photography is “two or more photos stitched together to expand the area and field of view of the image.”

In real estate photography, a panorama shows an extra-wide, 180º view of a room so the viewer, or potential buyer, can see how one part of the room relates to another. This takes the guess work out of imagining what the room truly looks like. It is done by taking a number of pictures of the room and “stitching” them together to make one photo that expands the view.

While many real estate agents utilize the services of a professional photographer, some of the home photography is done with a cell phone or limited digital camera.

Here are several pictures of the same room. Two picture below was taken with a mobile phone  and are somewhat  typical of the pictures in an average listing.

Living room picture taken with mobile phone
mobile phone “panorama”


This mobile phone has a setting for a “panorama” or wide angle.



Below is the same room in a true panorama.

panorama taken by Jack Harwick

Looking at these photos gives you a clue to the advantages of panorama photography for real estate:

  1. It allows your camera  to see what the eye sees at 180º
  2. It shows the relationship of the room to other parts of the house
  3. It allows you to post fewer pictures and at the same time give the viewer more information.
  4. It may lead to having out-of-town buyers, make a purchase without having to visit the house, assuming that the inspection and appraisal were satisfactory.

Author Bio:

Jack Harwick is the founder and CEO of ArcaTek LLC. His half a century of business and photographic experience shape the goals and direction of the company. He is the inventor of Panofix that allows a whole room to be captured in a single shot.