Who We Are

ArcaTek LLC is a partnership of two seniors who have both had remarkable careers and don’t want to retire. Irene Conlan, PhD, has been a hospital administrator, a US congressman’s wife, and an entrepreneur in the computer field. She has recently developed a system for embedding photos in floor plans, so that you can click on a room and see that room’s photo.

Jack Harwick was an aerospace engineer who after helping to put planes in the sky, and satellites in space, and men on the moon, left aerospace to start a high-tech security business. Today that business is a Division of Honeywell Corp.

Jack has had a lifelong love of photography and architecture, so producing exceptional home photos is a labor of devotion to his craft, not work. When his panoramic photos of a whole room are retrieved from Irene’s floor plan, you will have an unprecedented perspective of what that home really looks like.

Having designed, built, and sold many properties the ArcaTek team knows what it takes to make your property so appealing that it too could be sold to an out of area buyer unseen, as others have. If you have a prime property it deserves a primo photographer to show it to the world.

30 cell phone snap shots of a home are like looking a pile of jig saw puzzle pieces and trying to guess what it is. Often typical real estate photos show you a part of a room and give no clue as to what the room is, or how it relates to other rooms. People don’t want to look at 30 bad photos that convey little information. One of Jack’s photos shows the entire room and may have been laboriously constructed from 18 separate photographs till they span the same 180 degrees that your eye sees normally. We are different and better!

who are we in real estate marketing

who are we in real estate marketing





Jack Harwick                                                                                       Irene Conlan