What We Do

  • If your home is unfurnished or “needs help,” we will work with reputable interior designers to stage your home and photograph it, so you will get the quickest sale and at the best price.
  • We will produce the highest styled panoramic photos that separate your listing from the crowd, and attract buyers to visit your home. Great homes deserve great photos.
  • Rooms are laser measured and floor plans are professionally drawn for each project. Our Photos and floor plan are posted to our web site with links between the floor plan and the photos such that when you click on a room in the floor plan you will see the photo of that room. See Demo page. 

We believe that homes are judged by their worst photo and that there is NO advantage to providing thirty photos. The purpose of photographs is to get a buyer’s attention and create a desire to go see your property before the others.

ArcaTek Typical Price Structure

Under 2000 Sq. Ft.                 $695 (for 7 photos + detailed floor plan)

2000 to 4000 Sq. Ft.               $795 (for 9 photos + partial floor plan)

4000 to 7000 Sq. Ft.               $895 (for 11 photos + partial floor plan)

Additional photos                   $50 each

Our loyalty program: Your 10th home is ½ price.

This rate is for two people, our vehicle, and our equipment @$95/Hr. total. We operate from a home office with minimum overhead to maintain these rates. These photos are NOT snapshots. Each is carefully considered for maximum effect on the viewer, and as much time goes into post processing, as shooting. We may combine six or more shots to get one finished photo. It is better to have one photo that shows the whole room than three partial views.

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Jack Harwick:   @480-353-8452 or email: jHarwick@gmail.com
Irene Conlan:   @480-297-6887 or email: ireneConlan@gmail.com